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Thursday, January 27, 2005

A BBQ and a bike ride for Australia Day

Well, what better way to spend Australia Day than with a nice little ride (about 35km) around central Canberra and Lake Ginninderra, and a BBQ lunch!

Team Canberra (Bek and Steff - which may be reduced to Bek if Steff relocates to Team Melbourne) set outselves a go further than we've ever gone before. So, to surpass the 30km effort last Sunday, we did 35km (including a dirty, great, big hill near the AIS). No wonder those athletes are so fit, just getting to training would be an ordeal by bike! We did, as is customary on Australia Day, fit in a bit of a BBQ lunch and a little bit of Alicia Molik's (almost) win in the Australian Open quarter finals. But, unlike Alicia who I'm sure enjoyed a well earned rest, we were back in the saddle for the ride home.

Of course, all this riding was after the bigger challenge of fixing my first flat tire...and getting the air thingo at the petrol station to actually work!

Now, onward and upward to 40km this weekend...


  • What's Austrailia Day?

    By Blogger Katie, at 3:51 pm  

  • Australia Day is 26 January, and is kinda the Aussie equivalent of the Fourth of July - sort of. It's our national holiday but instead celebrating our independence from Britain it is the celebration of our interdependence! It is the date that Captain Arthur Phillip planted the Union Jack on Australian soil (at Port Jackson to be exact) and actually made us part of the British Empire.

    Australia had been discovered many years before by Captain Cook (1770) but no one had really tried to claim the land. Then a few years later, after the War of Independence, America refused to have England's convicts sent to them they had to go somewhere, so the Powers that Be decided to send them to Australia. There was a bit of a rush to see whether the French or the Pommes (Brits) would be the first to claim Australia as their own but as it was the Brits won.

    26 January 1788 marks the date that Captain Phillip then came aground to start the new colony with about 1300 people, most of whom were convicts.

    To other Australians, Indigenous Australians, 26 January is not a day of celebration but one of mourning and protest. For Indigenous Australians, the founding of the Colony at Botany Bay led to the disruption of their traditional way of life, to death, disease and dispossession.

    Australian History 101!

    By Blogger steff, at 4:30 pm  

  • Interesting!

    By Blogger Katie, at 2:58 am  

  • Thank you for taking the time to write such a great explanation for my daughter, Katie. She read through it and learned a lot (as did I!).

    By Blogger Diana, at 3:08 am  

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