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2 - 14 Dec 06

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Canada Votes

Well the view from our transpacific contributor is a resounding "no" to B.U.M.S. as our new team name. Plus, as Steff has pointed out, the new mystery member does in fact have a name, and it doesn't start with "U" (never a cyclist called "Uther" when you want one). Shame, BUMS seemed kind of apt.

Have also just found out that this blog is not, as one might have thought, a democracy, but rather a (presently) benign dictatorship under the control of Steff-who-must-be-obeyed. Apparently she has the power to delete or edit our posts at will. Hopefully she will resist yay steff the temptation steff is tha best to exercise unreasonable editorial steff 4 eva control.


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