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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

First Flat Tyre

Yes - this morning Bek got her first flat tyre. Probably the first flat of many but it really was not welcome at 6:15 this morning. I got up at 5:45am to be able to meet her for what is hopefully our new morning exercise routine. Lo and behold, the back tyre was dead and we had no tools to change it.

It did end up being a nice morning for a walk though!

We're Legit

Also, for those who may have any concerns about our legitimacy and ability to fundraise on behalf of Oxfam I have scanned in a copy of the authorisation Bek received yesterday. No doubt mine is in the post (probably lost in the ether after I redirected my mail..) and I will add Marty and mine once they arrive. A permanent link to this authorisation (and the others) will be added to the Useful Links section on the right...


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