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Friday, January 28, 2005

Milestoned within an inch of my life

Third "RPM" class this morning, and managed to stick with it all the way (except the bit where I had to stop 'cos I'd dropped my towel - oh the shame - social death at the local gym), altho' staggered out of there like a new-born foal (except for the spindly legs thing. I never could get the hang of spindly).

Nevertheless, I am claiming "failure to collapse halfway through the class" as a milestone. It's certainly better than my Wednesday milestone ("first fitness class missed due to extreme hangover").

Have now got my official Oxfam Challenge letter so can fearlessly go forth and fundraise. Truly too legit to quit (Apologies to MC Hammer).

Tomorrow was going to be Team Melbourne's (viz. "my") first crack at a "real ride" (ie something longer than the trek to netball and back) but the weather's looking iffy so it might be another gym day instead :o( On the other hand, if the threatened rain doesn't materialise, it will be hot and muggy - perfect conditions for aclimatising to cycling in SE Asia (the roller-bladers make excellent water buffalo substitutes).


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