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Monday, January 24, 2005

Rubber gauntlet

Yes Steff, i've thrown down the exercise gauntlet and it's bounced back and hit me right in the... bum. Ouch.

Had "RPM" this morning, and am now walking like john wayne after a big night. The ride to work was soooo slooooow (and most of it's downhill). My legs are starting to develop muscles in places i never even knew they existed (there's a shin muscle? who knew?) Apparently some people find this attractive. From where i'm sitting it just looks kinda lumpy. Have been staring at other cyclists legs on the bike path (purely in the interests of science) and it turns out you can get even lumpier. I think my block-a-day chocolate habit will stop reaching the stripped-down extremes of those who look like a cut-away medical diagram of the major muscles groups with skin on. And speaking of chocolate (nice segue marty, real smooth) ...

AGS Melbourne chockies are due to arrive today. Given that the chocaholics are starting to chant and wave pitchforks, i hope the delivery is on time. Buggered if i know where they got their hands on pitchforks. Who the hell keeps a pitchfork at the office?*

*well, other than you-know-who with the horns and the tail and the cloven feet and the really bad PR issues.


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