Bek and Steff's
China Challenge
2 - 14 Dec 06

Friday, January 28, 2005

Up with the early worm...

As Bek mentioned Team Canberra did achieve a bit of a milestone today. What she failed to mention was that we started riding at 6am! We beat the early bird and we were up with the early worm!!

To be on our bikes at 6 meant I was up at 5:30am - before the sun, before any birds had even begun to think about their stomachs and before most of Canberra.

While I'm impressed that Bek's constant C'mon Steff's are having the desired effect and we're getting fitter - getting out of bed was my real achievement for today!

Sleep-walking is known as somnambulism, so what do you call sleep-cycling?


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