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Monday, February 07, 2005

Sore and sunburnt

When you ask someone else to apply your sunscreen, make sure they get everywhere....
I currently have matching red patches under both my shoulder blades and they're a little tender! No doubt when the rednes has disappeared, they'll complement the other interesting tan lines I've obtained by daring to go out in the summer sun!

My red wings are a result of riding up and down Canberra yesterday. Team Canberra managed a respectable 40km around Lake Burley Griffin, past Black Mountain, through Aranda and Belconnen, skirting past Lake Gininderra and then back to our starting point through the Bruce and O'Connor Ridges.
We did have to back track a little at one point to find a turn off, because the Canberra Cycleways Map, while extremely useful has the National Musuem of Australia in its former location. It has been on Acton Peninsula for a number of years now but not according to the map!

Yes - there were hills involved. Yes - Bek beat me to the top of every single one. And Yes - I was exhausted!

The only mishaps were the bike chain getting jammed resulting in greasy, black hands and then Bek realising she had another flat tyre! She had been wondering why it was getting harder to ride all of a sudden, but put it down to getting tired!!

For an archive of rides in the Canberra region, visit


  • I object - the sunburn is far more likely to be the result of not applying sunscreen in our break (as I did ...and my arms didn't get burnt) rather than non application in the first place.

    But, if you want to build up your flexibility so that you can do your back yourself then I'd be happy to suggest some stretches.

    And if I'm wrong, then I'm a terribly bad sunscreen applyer and should be sacked...

    By Blogger Bek, at 3:45 pm  

  • I didn't name you as the sunscreen applier but since you brought it up I'll disagree (cos I can!). But I disagree only because on the body parts where I didn't reapply (such around my watch) I still got sunburnt but not as badly as my 'wings' which suggests that they were missed in the first place!

    And I do appreciate that you agreed to apply sunscreen to the areas I can't reach cos my arms don't bend that way otherwise I'd be even more lobster red!

    By Blogger steff, at 4:25 pm  

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