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Friday, February 04, 2005

Team Melbourne doing it tough

This is a typical Melbourne shared bike path on Thursday morning*:

And typical Melbourne cyclist on Thursday morning:

OK, the person depicted isn't Team Melbourne (no fluoro whatsoever) but the recent hiccup in the weather has proven challenging for anyone on two wheels. Those paths that weren't under water were covered in bits of trees (or, in some cases, just trees) and/or silt from the beautiful brown Yarra River (four inches thick and slippery as [expletive deleted] )

On the other hand, the ability to use footpaths, pedestrian bridges and high ground generally gives one a real advantage over motor traffic. I was one of the "lucky" few that got to work on time on Thursday (although I was also the only one covered in miscellaneous gunk from the knees down.)

*or "walking trail" as the photographer/editor would have it, notwithstanding the little pictiure of the bike. Clear signs of pedestrian bias at the Herald Sun. But then it's a pretty pedestrian newspaper... :o)


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