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Monday, April 04, 2005

Vale Team Canberra

Well, I did it. As threatened over the last few months, I moved to Melbourne! It's be a couple of weeks now with one weekend and three work days since I got here and I'm still feeling as lost as when I arrived!
I braved the Melbourne roads for the first time this morning by commuting to work. Unfortunately it's now dark outside and riding home is not an option cos I need new bike lights (mine having been stolen by someone smashing in the passenger side window of my car).

Before I left the Bush Capital, the former Team Canberra did manage on last hoorah:

On Canberra Day (Monday, 21 March - yes, a few weeks ago now) Bek and I joined the 900 strong crowd of cyclists down by Blundell's Cottage on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin. It was cold, being about 8am but we survived!

I must add that the BCBR is not a is a ride. With that disclaimer made, Bek and I did the 25km through Canberra streets in less than an hour. When we arrived at the 'finish line' only about 30 people had beaten us there and they were all wearing professional-type cycling gear AND they were all on road bikes. I believe we were the first on mountain bikes to complete the ride.

It wasn't too hard, except for the hill just near Deakin, towards Parliament House. The ride down was great, gaining speed and trying to avoid pedestrians and children on Kings' Ave Bridge while at speed!

So, that was Team Canberra's last training ride together *sniff*.

Vale Aunty Ruth

On Good Friday my Aunty Ruth died after her 'new' liver which she received to treat Hepititis C failed. I like to think that we left Canberra at the same time.
Aunty Ruth was an amazing woman who loved life, her family and people generally. She had a big heart and always put others before herself. Even in hospital Aunty Ruth apologised to me for not being able to do more to help me raise money for the Challenge!

She is missed.

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