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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Misnomer: Merri Creek Trail

Another Sunday, another ride...

After a slight delay, Team Melbourne finally hit the road for a training ride last Sunday. Deciding to be a little adventurous, we avoided the City Trail and follow the Merri Creek Trail which the sign advised was about a 38km round trip.
As we followed the path further up the creek, it became evident that the heavy rains earlier in the year (see photo below) had flowed through the city's storm water drains and flooded the whole creek.

Photo taken from Herald Sun website

Trees were growing plastic bags and other crap (at heights well past what one would consider 'the high tide' mark) and other rubbish littered the banks. Sadly, I don't believe the rains washed the shopping trolleys, mattresses or an old television down the drains - they were clearly dumped. So, the creek really wasn't all that "Merri".
We also found a bridge had been washed out by the rain which meant we roughed on dirt track, taking our mountains bikes off-road!
While it was a perfect day for a ride, not too hot, not too cold - I think next time, we'll pick a different path.


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