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Monday, May 02, 2005

Sights and sounds of Melbourne

After a few false starts and postponed rides, yesterday Team Melbourne finally enjoyed their first team cycle.*
Leaving from Brunswick and heading down to the Yarra River via Fitzroy Cycle Shop to replace my pedals and gloves (and also finding the perfect rain/wind jacket), we enjoyed the weather and also the traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian!
The first few kilometres were a bit stop start, and involved carrying bikes up stairs, giving directions and waiting for traffic. But, finally we hit the path along the Yarra and it was smooth sailing from there. The path goes through a little oasis in the city which almost makes you forget that the rush of the city is only a street or two away. There was very little noise from the traffic but every few metres were marked by the call of bellbirds - just gorgeous.

I have to say too, that the route we followed** is one of the best ways to see Melbourne. The scenery as we cycled past various bridges and bends in the river reinforced the European feel of the city, especially as the afternoon grew older and the temperature began to drop a little.

I have to admit to being a little slack in the training department so I also found the cycle a little tiring. After we passed through the city (having cycled about 25km) Marty led me through the newly developed Docklands area and then homewards along the trainline. When we finally fell through the front door at 32km - I was exhausted!

It's back on the bike for me more regularly for me, so I actually cycled to work this morning and will have to bite the bullet and join a gym down here!

*This does not include the couple of times they have cycled to and from work together. One way, to get to work is only about 5km.
**The route was the Capital City Trail, which consists of a few different bike paths connected up. We went on the Main Yarra Trail, the Maribyrnong Creek Trail and the Upfield Bike Path Marty thinks!

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