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Monday, June 13, 2005

Cold (Canberra) weather sucks...

I am sure no one will disagree with me when I say that it is very difficult to be motivated to get up early (i.e. in the dark) to go for a ride outdoors during the cold Canberra winter!

So, I am taking advantage of technology and this week am due to have delivered a brand spanking new exercise bike. Be gone you cold mornings! Be gone frozen nose (and fingers and everything else)!

Okay, so I feel a bit like a dork for having an exercise bike, but with a combination of freezing cold (literally!) mornings and crazy hours at the office, I figure this is the only way Team Canberra will not be left behind in Vietnam as everyone else continues into Cambodia...

And hey, at least this way I definitely won't have any training collisions (well, at least until September when the weather warms up)!


  • Don't feel so bad; I run on a treadmill during the winter...and I live in Canada where we have real winters!! :)

    By Blogger Jay, at 9:52 pm  

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