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Monday, August 15, 2005

Boot Camp update...

I reached the half way mark of Boot Camp this morning - session 7 of 12. So, we were put through another fitness test to see how we were going...

  • 2km run- one minute faster at 11 mins 21 secs;
  • Sit ups in a minute - 31 (sadly I have only improved by 1 *sniff*);
  • Push ups in a minute - 43; and
  • The 'plank' - 1 min 10 secs (the goal is 3 mins).

But, we didn't stop there. We then had to continue with another drill doing more sit ups and push ups and running and star jumps and whatever for another 20 minutes! I am exhausted but at least I am not as stiff as I was in the first week...


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