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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Boot Camp

No, I haven't joined the armed forces...
Yesterday morning I completed my first day at Boot Camp, which involves getting up early to be at the Botanic Gardens by 6am to be yelled at by people for which I have paid the privilege while they put me through hell!
Well, so far there hasn't been so much yelling as there has been encouragement but tomorrow morning that may change...

Yesterday morning saw our fitness tested which involved:

  • Running 2km - I did it in 12mins 24 secs;
  • How ever many sit ups we could do in a minute - 30 was all my poor stomach could handle;
  • How ever many push ups we could do in a minute - 33 (and they weren't the 'girly' ones); and
  • Holding the 'plank' position for as long as possible - after sits ups, all I could manage was 50 secs (the goal is 3 mins).

As a result, I can barely move today and when I do I look like an old woman! Oh how I hurt - let me count the ways - sore pecs, quads and abs!

But, it's all in the name of the Challenge and will hopefully ensure that I am fit enough to cycle up to 100 km a day. We'll see...


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