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Monday, September 19, 2005

Left foot, right foot, run, run, run, run...

Strange I know, but I'm kinda glad the weekend is over, I'm exhausted! I think I managed to fill every minute of my weekend with something...

Friday night
A trip to my lovely Kiwi physio to fix my ankle which hasn't been working properly since I took up jogging on a regular basis. He appreciates rugby so we have something to talk about that isn't aerial ping-pong.

I had been planning to cycle around the city pretty much all of Saturday but the weather prevented the early start I had planned. The wind was blowing the rain around and it was pretty cold, and beingo outside was an ugly option. Then, after making the effort to get dressed and cycle to the gym (yes, I have succumbed) the cycle class was already full...

What do these people think they are doing, going to the gym on a Saturday morning - don't they have anything better to do, like sleep?

Marty and I eventually got on our bikes and made our way into the city, along the Yarra, despite Mother Nature's best attempts to either knock us into the river or blow us back to where we came from.

Up bright and early and I cycled in to the city to participate in the first run of the

I can't make the other two cos I'm cycling 100km in October and I'll be in Vietnam in November!!

I completed the 4km route in 24 mins 7 .2 secs.

My boot camp buddy, Yil, wasn't too far behind, although her fiance left us both eating his dust! I know I should be doing more cycling but I figure I'm still getting fit and it's cross training! Besides, if I knew of more cycling events (that aren't triathlons!) I'd give them a go too!
Next up is:
  • Round the Bay in a Day - 16 October 2005 (100km cycle); and
  • the Arthurs Seat Challenge - 30 October 2005 (6.7km run)


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