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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A toast to the Picknickers at Hanging Rock

Just a quick note to thank everyone who joined us on the Oxfam Melbourne Wine Tour - we raised $517 from the day, and another $340 in donations from some kind people who weren't able to make it.
I think the wineries also profited quite well from the day - particularly if our purchases are anything to go by.

A special thanks also go to the following people:
  • Shannon at Goona Warra Winery for her help and for generously waiving the tasting fee;
  • the Park Ranger at Hanging Rock for waiving the park entrance fee;
  • Anne and Warren for organising much of gourmet picnic and gathering their friends to join us, and without whose help the day would not have run so smoothly; and
  • Anne's local butcher (whose name I will put up shortly) who discounted his lovely quiches and chicken wings.

We hope you all had a great day despite the weather (and slept as soundly as we did on Sunday night :o)

Thank you all!


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