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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

3 more sleeps

No more work for the rest of the year!!

I finished up at work for 6 weeks on Friday. After a rather large and celebratory Friday night, I flew from Melbourne to Canberra on what was the first leg of my trip. After catching up with friends, on Monday I travelled the 3 hours on the Murrays bus from Canberra to Sydney. Since I left Melbourne I have done very little other than eat, drink and catch up with friends...although I did sit on the exercise bike at my parents' place this morning for 2 1/4 hours. If the buckets I sweated out this morning are any indication of what it will be like in Cambodia - it's going to be a wet trip!!

Only a few last minute things to organise and then we're off!


  • Good Luck Steff and the gang!! Hope you have an awesome trip and will be missing ya heaps in the meantime. Look forward to your safe return and many stories. Lots of love Yil xx

    By Anonymous Yil, at 1:57 pm  

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