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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

9 more sleeps...

til we leave!

Good-bye lunch - tick
Good-bye dinners - tick (and some to do!)
Good-bye drinks - on Friday
Last physio appointment - tick
(a huge thank you to Marcus at Coburg "Back in
physiotherapy who has keep me on the road despite my best efforts to injure myself! Thanks to his massages I have continued to cycle although suffering from a tense and unflexible ilotilial band which causes knee pain.)
Plane tickets - tick
Packing - ummm, not yet!
Motivation at work - zip, zero, nil

Marty and I did a two hour training ride this morning, down to St Kilda Marina and back, and so far the left knee has been okay (that's the one I see the physio for!) but my right knee (which suffered in the crash) is still healing so a little sore.

Not long now!


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