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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Blood, sweat and tears...

All was going well on the "extra long" way to work (which involves the Capital City Trail) until I hit a very slippery edge of wood and lost control of my bike. Using my body as a brake, I slowed my momentum and I ended up resting against a parked car.

Accordingly to Marty it was a spectacular crash.

A quick check revealed no broken bones but I was slightly winded and I had donated some skin to the pavement. Upon arriving at work, the shower pointed out the grazes I hadn 't yet found and my leg began swelling just above my ankle. So, I hobbled home to ice everything and a trip to the physio confirmed that nothing serious had been done but that ice was the order of the day.

The day after, my knees won't bend properly, my leg hurts but I'm confident that I'll be back in the saddle shortly!


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