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Friday, December 02, 2005

Cambodia Update 1

Today was our first off after 4 days of riding through Vietnam and now Cambodia. We're here in Phnom Penh, enjoying our first hot showers of the trip! Wow! So much has happened so, here is a brief update!

Day 1 - Saigon
Markets, cyclo tour, visit to War Remnants Museum (which really affected us all), "pho bo" (Steff's new favourite lunch), but not much sleep due to the noisy bar downstairs, which we had nothing to do with...

Day 2 - leaving Saigon to Tay Ninh
First riding day, via the Cu Chi tunnels. 60km in the heat and humidity didn't kill us.

Day 3 - Tay Ninh to Cambodia
Crossed the border on our bikes - what a way for Bek to celebrate her birthday, but the gastro that hit Bek and Steff was probably not the birthday present she expected! We all fell in love with Cambodia (also known as Kampuchea) and the Khmer people.

Day 4 - still in Cambodia!
More riding, more happy kids waving and high fiving us from the road. We love the giggles that erupt when we try to speak to them in Khmer!

Day 5 - Kampong Cham to Phnom Penh
More riding - but highlight was playing soccer with the local kids (and the look on their faces when we gave them the soccer ball which cost a huge US$2). Kampng Cham is on the Mekong River which we followed (all but the last crazy 50km) to Phnom Penh, along the bumpiest and dustiest roads so far. Again, we were the novelty of the week for the kids but we don't know who gets a bigger kick out of all the waving and "hellos", us or the kids.

Day 6 - TODAY - Takeo Oxfam Project
More about this later, but it was amazing to see the work that Oxfam is doing, establishing a rice bank, educating the community about domestic violence and HIV/AIDS, and setting up a micro loan scheme for the women to establish textile industries. The money we've raised is being put to really good use and so much more is needed!!

We also love Phnom Penh, although havne't seen much of it yet - we'll be back after the Challenge.

Tomorrow we're going to the Killing Fields for sobering trip - that is after we survive dinner tonight... last night we enjoyed (no, really, it tastes great) frog and dove after having sampled local snails for lunch (no wonder we've had a bit of gastro!). After the Killings Fields, apparently we're having garlic spiders for lunch, then onto Siam Riep to explore the amazing Angkor Wat temples.

Having an awesome time and we promise we'll try to post more regularly from now on.

Stay tuned for more news from Cambodia...


  • Hi Bek, Steph and Marty,

    We're here celebrating Alex's birthday in style, and couldn't help but think of you guys out there on the bikes... We were all wondering, how were the spiders? cunchy? mmm, sounds great! sounds like you are having a great time though, hope you aren't too exhausted. Enjoy the rest that follows, and catch you when you get back!!!

    By Anonymous Liz, Alex, Maria and Johnno, at 6:03 pm  

  • Hey guys!

    Thanks for the message...hope Alex's birthday was great!

    The spiders were actually quite edible...the legs tasted like crunchy soy sticks, but the body was a bit mushy. Not sure that I am a fan but at least we have some great photos!!

    We're just heading off to watch the sun set over the Ankor Wat temple.

    Another post soon...

    By Blogger Bek, at 9:03 pm  

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