Bek and Steff's
China Challenge
2 - 14 Dec 06

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cambodia Update 2 - The Challenge ends...

After a fantastic final riding day out to Bantay Sray (one of the outlying Angkor temples) yesterday (and a late night to celebrate), today we finished the Oxfam Challenge part of our
trip. But, the story doesn't end is the first day of Bek, Steff and Marty's excellent
Cambodia adventure!

So now the lazy fun begins. After a lovely, local planning dinner at a Khmer restaurant (and a few stouts forced on us by our guest house host) we have planned a vague itinerary for the next two weeks.

Two more nights here in Siem Reap (Angkor Wat - the temples, and Angkor What? - the bar) and then down south to Kampot (more temples, caves and a beautiful national park).
From there it is a short trip to the beach resort town of Sihanoukville where we plan to do little more than explore the islands, read some books, snorkel and lie on the beach. And then a beer or two to celebrate Steff's birthday! (and yes, Bek does drink beer now...well, at least if it's Khmer beer and offered by our hosts!)

We will then head back up to Phnom Penh to do a cooking course, check out the sights of the capital that we missed last week (and a bit more shopping which is fantastic and already our bags are kinda full) and then back up to Siem Reap to fly back home.

Of course, we will fill you in on the details as they happen - til next time...


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