Bek and Steff's
China Challenge
2 - 14 Dec 06

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This Bek person sure sounds crazy...

This Bek person sure sounds crazy...oh, actually I think Steff is referring to me!

Walking 100km in bushland north of Sydney (Trailwalker) and followed up by a 500km bike ride through southern China (China Challenge) does sound a bit nuts, but taking on challenges and having adventures where I also make a positive contribution is what makes these trips worthwhile. And Oxfam is a great organisation to support because they work locally with communities in trying to effect global change.

And let's not forget that for motivation to stay fit and healthy these adventures are heaps better than just trudging on the treadmill at the gym!!

So, any more takers for Trailwalker in August...?


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